There are thousands of mobile applications that are released every day and amidst all of them it is very difficult for a particular app to maintain a certain stable position in user’s daily life. Therefore to reach that level of permanency the app developers must incorporate few best app marketing tools to their app so that their apps are found by the people and are more fervently used.

What does an app marketing tool mean to the app developers?

App users never really use all the apps that are launched each day. Very lucky are those developers whose app gets rapidly installed and is regularly used by the smartphone users. But it is not always about the fortune that makes those apps popular, rather the success of such apps is due to the miracles that are done by some very effective app marketing tools used by the developers.

There are specialized areas where developers must put an effort to emphasis their marketing strengths. Following are the most prevalent marketing tools

Market Analysis

  • App Annie: It provides important reports based on the rankings of over 1000 apps. The developers can track their app’s popularity, revenues and the number of downloads by the help of algorithmically estimated charts and visualizations.

  • Apptrace: Developers can monitor their app’s performance in the market using this simple yet intelligent analytic tool. Only they have to type the app ID or app’s name and they will get all the relevant information about it.

  • Distimo: For somebody if App Annie is an amazing tool then Distimo can’t be put out of his list of favorite tools. Distimo act as a market data supplier and is a part of App Annie. The specialty is that it has an incredible analytic dashboard that shows the app’s performance whenever needed.

  • Vision Mobile: Best tool that can provide the developers with the ideas which leading the market. It can track down the latest trend and the movements on the profitable pitches of the market. It is a paramount guiding tool.

  • Xyologic: Developers need this tool right on their equipment list since it makes the method easier on the subject of advertising, monetization and reaching the new users.


Mobile Mozaic (, pttrns (, Mobile Patterns ( and Lovely ui ( are some of the most popular UI galleries that can help the developers to design their interface. They have all sorts of patterns and designs that have proven to be remarkably cost-effective for the app developers.

Powerful Localization

  • Onesky: It works as an affluent translator for apps, websites and games. It can translate in over 50 well-known languages by using spontaneous features of the cloud platform that reduces the workload which is usually missing in the conventional translators.

  • iCanLocalize: The fastest translating tool available to the developers. It charges $0.09 for each word which is pretty standard and affordable. It can translate both iPhone and android applications and also WordPress sites.

  • Loc Team: The Company is popular for its expert team of translators, testers and proofreaders. It can provide the service by the use of its multilingual library of native words. The developers can localize their Mac and iOS apps.

  • Jargon: The tool promises that by using it, now the developers can instantly localize their iOS and android apps in five languages in 5 minutes. An efficient mobile SDK, a global in-built control panel and a strong updating system helps the developers to localize their apps without much headache.

  • PO Editor: It is free software that can do online localization smoothly and in any format. It has an automatic and intelligent translation memory that can reduce the workload and gives the users a visual assistance at the time localization.

  • Nextpeer: Gamers love to compete and hence they enjoy the multiplayer platform. Developers would be able to monetize their app players with the help of a lucrative social stratum.



  • AdMob: It is a platform that is used by the application developers for the purpose of ad and campaigning. It is a popular advertising podium by Google that enables to promoting and monetizing of the mobile apps. The best part of the tool is that it gives the developers a better insight of multi-dimensional information that they want by the use of Google analytics.

  • Avocarrot: Mobile app developers who are thoughtful about the monetization should use this native ads tool. It has an automatic program that provides expert optimization ideas according to the current status of the app’s revenue collection. Developers are given full access to the visibility of their revenue data in any format and matrices.

  • Appsfire: It provides the developer with a transparent scheme that enables them to control the ad segment of their own app so that they can make more money also by showing fewer number of ads. It doesn’t let the developers to compromise their app’s environment with the mismatching banner ads. Therefore comfortable customizable ad layouts are there in the store.

  • Kiip: Virtual rewards are always loved by the gamers. So it can help the developers to monetize their app by simply keeping their audience engaged with alluring rewards. The tool also provides performance promotion that can provide means to attract new customers.

  • JAMPP: It is one of the smoothest app marketing tools that are insanely data-driven which allows the user’s re-engagement with the app. It builds a connection with a huge number of networks that predominantly work as advertisement links. It is based on the real time binding policy.

App-Store Optimization strategies

  • MOBILEDEVHQ: This is the one tool that fits best into the optimization category. There are many app users who don’t go by the advertisements rather they rely upon the search result recommendations. This tool can greatly help the developers to attract such users as it is based on finding the right keywords that help the apps to get featured into the top positions of the search results.

  • AppRankCorner: It is a package that features all kinds of ASO tools that the developers might need. Generating powerful ideas related to current the marketing trend, keyword tracking, tracking of the app’s rank, revenue collected from the downloads, etc. all kinds of activities can be managed by this tool.

  • Apptweak: It thoroughly studies the app and gives the report or a guide to the developers regarding which ASO tool should they use to uplift their app’s performance. It has prevalent keywords in six different languages- English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese. Developers can explicitly compare the ASO that are tools used by them and their competitors. They can also study the market trends in more than 60 countries.

  • SEARCH MAN: It is a tool that is purely based on the SEO technology- keyword optimization. It does a noteworthy job of tracking the best keywords that can increase the app’s popularity. It collects the data that can contribute to the decision making programs and processes of the company.

User reviews and feedbacks

  • APPBOY: It is an app that perfectly does its job in keeping the developer updated about the latest user drifts. It keeps a track of who has downloaded or installed the app and therefore helps the developer to make strategies accordingly. It also shows the performance and the popularity of the app.

  • APPLAUSE: It provides the developer with a score based on the user reviews and the score clearly tells about the app’s performance. The tool helps the developer to get a thorough study of the user’s reviews by grouping the reviews grounded on some keywords.

  • LivePerson: It enables the development team to connect with the users in real time by the help of dynamic chat window provision that allows transparent message and file exchange. The agents can prioritize the clients those who need urgent help and can serve them accordingly. It also allows easy reconnection mechanism on the expiry of the running sessions. The agents can deal with the customer’s problems by sharing the customer’s mobile screen, knowing the customer’s location and by looking at the customer’s information that is registered in the company records.

  • TapeRecorder: A very innovative way of finding out what the users of the app want and expect from the developers. It records the user activities and lets the developers to sneak on the users by legal and healthy means. By studying the videos the developing team can come up with new ideas and can impress the app users.

  • AskingPoint: The developers can build a stable and strong engagement with their app users. The tool enables to show the customer feedback and market analytics. The customer support in terms of reviews and rating lets the developers to respond according to the user demands. It also allows push messaging and fast delivery of the data.


What does the research say

In a survey it has been seen that for every four apps that are installed in a person’s mobile one app is rarely ever been used by that person. Therefore to minimize the risk of fading out from the market, the present app developers use various marketing agendas and wisely choose their target customers. But irrespective of fulfilling all the traditional demands they always have to go a few extra miles to get into the good books of their users. This additional journey that they have to go through is assisted up by the app marketing tools.

Why an app shouldn’t be developed without a proper marketing plan?

Marketing tools can only help when the app was built with a thought of being marketed. Only launching the app in the app store and integrating some high tech marketing tools doesn’t help the app to be popular and recognized by the users. Thus there are some steps that developers must follow to get the proper help from the app marketing tools.

  • Website for every app: developers must create a website and they should launch it before releasing the actual app. This helps in maintaining the required craze among the potential users. Creating communities in social media, putting relevant posts and tweets can help the developing team to cultivate a swift orientation of the app users towards their very own app.
  • Promotion: Developers should definitely put exciting advertisements related to their app in their website. There should be a button at the end of every page that would navigate the viewers to the app-download link so that the app explorers can instantly install the app in their mobiles.
  • Collecting feedbacks: Encouraging the customers to provide their feedbacks if they are impressed by the quality of the app’s performance can potentially attract many more app users. This also helps the developers to understand the users’ mentality while they were using the app and hence they can impress their users by adding new more interesting features to it.
  • Scalability: Last but not the least, the app’s performance and growth must not be ignored by the developers. It is the prime and foremost thing that encourages the users to get indulged into the app and use it inevitably.

The final words

App marketing tools act as the only savior when the developers find their app to be missing from the users’ daily life. So these tools integrate the apps to a huge number of popular search engines links which are internal and deep rooted that can provide a better insight of the trend that the users have been following. It also prompts up the relevant ads to the customers’ phone while they are looking for a particular item in the search engine. The ads as a result stimulate the customers to download the app and use them whenever they need.

A successful mobile app is the one that is summed up by the best performance strategy and a marketing agenda. Therefore developers should not only focus on the code but also spend equal amount of time in deciding which app marketing tool can help their app to get the maximum exposure in the user’s daily life.