Bombs! Bouncing! Explosions! Scores! Platform! Music!

Dem’s Bomb Bounce has all these amazing things and more!

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How high can you – yes, you! – score in Dem’s Bomb Bounce‽ Score high and PROVE it in Game Center! Bounce away the hours while riding the subway, hailing a taxi, getting a haircut, or waiting for soccer players to get off the field after they’ve pretended to get hurt!

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Bounce, bounce, bounce… but if one bomb falls, it’s game over! Fortunately – trying again is as easy as pressing a button – no perma-death here!

Dem’s Bomb Bounce – for all your bomb bouncing needs!

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– Game Center Integration – Show off those scores!
– Bombs!
– Bouncing!
– Easy Pick-Up-And Play Gameplay!
– At least one Exclamation point somewhere in the game!