Draw your way through the track without crossing its barriers. Whoever crosses the finish line first, wins. Sounds easy – but it isn’t, because there’s a hitch: Once you start drawing, the racetrack disappears. So keep it in mind and draw as far as you can without crossing the barriers. No two matches are the same, because you create the racetrack on your own. Be creative and challenge yourself and your friends on unique tracks. Play offline, via Bluetooth or online against players around the world.

How to Play
You begin your drawing at the start line of the track. If one player finished his drawing, it’s the next players turn. In every step, you can extend your line. Whoever draws a complete round first, wins. The hitch: You won’t see the track when you draw. If you leave the course, your current drawing won’t count.


So it’s up to you how to reach the finish line. You can take a risk and try it with just one line, or you can play safe and draw a lots of small lines. Your decision – but remember, you have to be the first to be the winner. And that pays off: The winner determines the next match – he draws the new track.

Unique racing tracks
Draw unique racing tracks on which you want to compete against your friends. The track can look whatever you want it to look like. Additionally you can define the direction of the race: clockwise or anticlockwise. There are no limits to your creativity. No two battles are the same.

Compete against your friends
Play solo or challenge your friends offline, via Bluetooth or online. You can play with up to 5 players. There’s also a “Quick Game”-option, which lets you compete against strangers online.


• Singleplayer
• Multiplayer (Offline, Online and Bluetooth)
• Tutorial
• Tablet-Support