Wake Up India! is unlike any other alarm app you normally would have used. What makes this alarm app special is, “It stops ringing only when you solve a small maths puzzle”. So, if you give wrong answer, the alarm will keep ringing. That’s how, it ‘determines’ that you are using your conscious mind and make sure you wake up on time!

This app also shows a motivational quotation to keep inspiring you throughout the day. You can share those quotations on social media and also send it to your friends and loved ones every day. This is the best alarm clock for all sleepy heads who finds difficulty getting out of bed early morning.

It has the following features:

 Nice & Easy user interface
 Share motivational quotations with anyone
 Tricky mathematic puzzle
 Voice Assist
 Add quick alarms
 Change alarm volume and ringtone
 Set alarms to repeat

The link to my our app : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alarm.wakeup.india&hl=en

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