Guess The Song app is a 1 or 2 player music quiz where you can check your music

knowledge by fitting current song to a title or an artist, and compare your results with

your friends.

You can choose one of 30 different Music Categories. The list of categories is diverse

and there is a challenge for everyone regardless of age or varied music interests

Guess The Song quiz offers:

– 9 thematic categories such as Love Songs, Movie Themes or Cartoon Themes.

– 9 genre categories such as Pop, Country, Hard Rock or Gospel.

– 9 time periods of music categories like 80’, 90’, Best Of 2013 or Latest.

– and some occasional music categories like Father’s Day Songs or Christmas Music.

The number of music categories increases and the song database is constantly

updated. Some of the categories are available immediately after downloading the game.

The other can be unlocked when you gather a sufficient number of game-coins. You can also buy a packed of game-coins. You always decide which category will be unlocked.

Each category contains 5 levels of varying difficulty. You need to take the new

challenges to become an expert in selected category. All you have to do is to identify 7

songs by just their 10 seconds fragments. Then you gain the coins for each correct

answer and you get some extra coins for identifying more than 3 songs in row.

You can invite your Facebook friends and compete with them in each category. You can also use 2 players mode to play with someone on your phone.

The design of Guess The Song Application is functional and it makes the game easy to

play. Enjoyable colors, large font and high-quality sounds make this Game attractive

and worth trying!

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