Al Kamil Defence is an adventurous game By the developers at Al Kamil Softech.  The game Al Kamil Defence that has you take on the role of a soldier trained by Special Forces who has been assigned the task of saving our planet from the invasion of Aliens. The character of the game AL Kamil relies solely on his shooting accuracy and strength of his mind.

The design of the game Al Kamil Defence is superb and the graphics are stunningly beautiful.  There are 36 levels of invasion in the game. 12 levels comes with the game purchase and the next 24 are available in In App purchases. All the levels are stunningly magnificent and challenging. The thrill continues and the gameplay will get tougher as you advance through the levels. There are three different environments in the game – sandy desert, forest, and snowy mountains. Visually, Al Kamil Defence has some beautiful aesthetics, and I’m in love with the art style of all the environments.


The controls in the game are simple and responsive which are just made for touch screens.  The animations in the game are smooth and fluid. The soundtrack is rather soothing and calming too, which helps put you at ease while playing.  The game amuses as well as challenges your intrinsic skill. To be honest, the games like these are hard to put down. I highly recommend checking out Al Kamil Defence if you haven’t tried it yet.