Trap Your Friends is a turnbased physics driven multiplayer game utilizing google’s turnbased API, in which you defeat your enemies by placing traps which your opponent has to dodge. The winner is the last man standing.


While far from a simulator game, the game offers a physics driven gameplay, with a realistic control scheme. Experience the challenge of trying to keep your craft on course, while being exposed to different forces from the environment and from various traps. At the same time, keep an eye on your shield power, and make sure it does not drop below 0%!


Create unique and challenging maps for your opponents, evolving the map every turn, making it harder. Watch how your enemy won or lost your map with the built in replay feature, and adapt your map to your opponents playstyle. The last man standing gets to watch the looser fail, so make sure not embarrass yourself too much 🙂


– Unique turn based multiplayer system, that combines the feel of action game mechanics, with the accessability of turnbased mobile games.
– 3 different vehicles offering unique control scheme feelings.
– 3 different maps with varying difficulty and length of game.
– Over 15 different types of traps, opening up for an array of different strategies.

– Google play API incoorporation including achievements.
– Simplistic graphics scheme offering visual clarity.
– The possibility of buying add-on elements to expand the game. Add on elements only give slight advantages or adds new maps, so no pay to win!

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