Oh dear! A freak accident in our shop caused the cupcakes to grow wings and fly all around the place. You must help us stop them!!!
It’s time to start smashin ’em cupcakes in this simple, fun and addictive arcade game.


2 GAME MODES: Combo Mode & Survival Mode

Three Simple controls:
1. Tilt the device to move the hand from side to side
2. Touch IN THE UPPER HALF OF THE SCREEN to make the hand go down and smash cupcakes
3. Tap a sugarcube to collect it (Combo Mode only)

***Tip: complete the Combo Mode Tutorial to learn everything you need to know


● Combine skill, precision and patience to smash BIGGER COMBOS for BIGGER SCORES in Combo Mode.
● Time your smashes perfectly and don’t let any cupcake get away in the action packed Survival Mode.
● Avoid hitting KIPPY THE HEDGEHOG, or it’s game over.
● Collect the SUGARCUBES that come out of the smashed cupcakes.
● LEVEL-UP by completing MISSIONS in order to earn additional time.
● Use POWER-UPS and UPGRADES that will help you complete missions and get on the high scores table.