War Piggy: Jetpack Pig Warrior a challenging action game by Yuri Nudelman,  will keep you busy whenever you have a moment to spare.  The game War Piggy has brilliant graphic design. The colors in the game are bright and vibrant, so everything is pretty pleasing aesthetically.

The controls in the game are simple and responsive which are made for touch screens. The animations in the game are smooth and fluid. The soundtrack is rather soothing and calming too, which helps put you at ease while playing.

You’ll have to control Piggy’s jetpack by simply dragging your finger on the screen to avoid the attack from the enemies. You should have a good handling of the controls to escape them before it’s too late. Also you will have to dodge the bullets and destroy the enemies before they destroy you.


Though the controls in the game are simple, the gameplay will get tougher as you advance through the levels – stronger enemies will attack in larger waves, and the game pace will become faster. The game amuses as well as challenges your intrinsic skill.


The game features a large variety of unique and funny enemies. The Piggy will have lots of weapons to choose from. The challenge I loved the most is the battle with the boss.  There are various companions to help Piggy on his mission, each one with own set of abilities.


The controls are intuitive and responsive for touch screens and its been a while I started playing this game and its hard to put down. This is definitely a title that I’ll be coming back to again and again. I highly recommend checking out War Piggy: Jetpack Pig Warrior if you haven’t tried it yet.