Have your lunch served on your time at your favorite restaurant thanks to the developers at Allset Technologies Inc. I have used food order apps, but the only disadvantage is I have to wait till it reaches my place. Allset an innovative app saves my time.

In Allset you can Order from lunch and other menus of favorite restaurants near you. And when you visit the restaurant your table will be ready and your meal is served on your time. Once you are done you need not wait for the bill as the app handles the payment for  you.

The design of the App is Incredibly magnificent. It has a very simple, clean and user friendly interface.  The Home screen has a demo where you can just run through the screens in the app to grt familiarized with the order process.  The app gives detailed description of the restaurant as well as the Dishes. The Restaurant Info comes with Google maps to show the location and to get the directions for the restaurant.

Once you have Allset set up, the fun begins. You can browse through your favorite restaurants and dishes. Why wait? Check out, the app is available for iOS as well as android.