The Roof Runner by the developers at A1 Studio is an addictive and challenging Endless arcade game performed in retro 8-bit style. This is one of those games that you will keep playing, because it gives you that “just one more level” mentality.


The visuals in Roof Runner are minimal and elegant and appeals to anyone who prefers a more minimalistic approach to their games. The gameplay of Roof Runner looks simple in the beginning but it’s challenging and entertaining.


The game looks great; the controls are super simple and responsive. It is a “one-touch” game, meaning you only have one control to worry about i.e. tapping. You just have to tap to jump and collect as many coins as possible. Each coin will fetch you one point. And collection of bag of coins will add 10 points to your credit.


Faster gameplay, better UI and a much clearer set up are what set this Roof Runner from the rest. The background music is enthralling and makes you keep playing.


Its been a while I started playing Roof Runner and I am addicted. I highly recommend checking out Roof Runner if you enjoy playing endless runner games.