CocoMouse Z is an unique thrilling game By José Adán Verduzco Amezcua. The graphics in CocoMouse Z are incredibly brilliant and no doubt you will fall in love with it.


In CocoMouse Z, the background of each level is utterly gorgeous and are easy on the eyes. The colors are simple too and the level designs are flamboyant. The visuals in CocoMouse Z are unquestionably superb. The shipshape design is what separates this game from the rest.


The environments are incredibly detailed, with rich and vibrant colors. Its an exciting game which not only teases one’s gaming skills but also entertains you to keep playing as it has an excellent gameplay. In CocoMouse Z, a malevolent mouse is taking over the minds of fellow mice everywhere but with your wits, help of a crocodile, a mouse and a storekeeper you can save them.


The Game has 40 Levels. Each level amuses as well as challenges your intrinsic skill and I highly recommend trying this game by yourself.