Your kingdom is in danger! The evil hordes are aproaching from the east. They already taken a large part of our land! As the most notable commander, you have to face them. You have to your disposal knights, magicans, and battle machines.


You yourself, as a master of archery can take an active part in combat, supporting from distance your comrades. Develop deffensive and offensive skills of your hero and the members of your army. Prove yourself as a fine strategist, respectively deploying your units, building barricades, attacking from a distance and disposing your money respectively. Be careful, the enemy outnumbered you! Hordes of orces, goblins, golems and mercenaries will try to swipe your ranks.


They charge with powerful force, but they are not too smart, use it! Defense of the Kingdom is the tower defense game with with tactical and action elements. The player act as a hero and the commander. He can participate in the battle and attack his enemies with a bow. You can upgrade his stats such as health, armor and attack. Eeach of the units is also upgradable and can level up. The game has a nice graphic design, interesting visual effects, remarkable musical line and adequate sound effects.