An individual developer Henadz Budai today is pleased to announce that Three Coins puzzle for Android has been approved for release in all regions. This happened after a successful launch of beta version in April when the puzzle got over 15.000 downloads during the first month. The puzzle has an absolutely unique idea. Game design has been developed by a very professional team specialized on mobile app development.



The goal of the game is to collect three 2 euro coins from small change. You have to combine 2-5 coins to get a coin of bigger face value. When you make 2-euro coin it disappears from the game field. You can change it back with small change later when you need it to continue playing.


Device Requirements:
* Android 2.3+
* 18 MB

Pricing and Availability:
The game is free in Google Play and Amazon.


Henadz Budai is an individual mobile app developer from Minsk, Belarus. Three Coins is the third puzzle developed by Henadz Budai.

Henadz Budai
Mobile app developer
Minsk, Belarus