FavoRing brings all your favorite apps and contacts right at the tip of your thumb, wherever you are, whenever you are!


Key features at a glance
• Very discrete and non-intrusive, always ready for your tap in the corner;
• No endless swiping – just one tap gives you instant access to launch your favorite apps and contacts;
• Geared for one hand use, supports left or right hand preference;
• Places your favorite apps and contacts at an easy reach of your thumb;
• Supports portrait and landscape layouts depending on the context;
• Organizes your favorites on the first run, allowing you to tailor to your needs;
• Doesn’t change your current launcher or themes.


Distinct advantages
Whether you are reading a book, listening to music, browsing a map… with FavoRing, there is no need to press buttons or swipe endless screens clogged with app icons if you just need to switch to another task or make a quick call – just tap on the FavoCorner there and then, and there you go, your favorite apps and contacts are readily available!

FavoRing promotes the great feature of Android, whereby you can place informational widgets on your home screens instead of putting tons of icons there “just in case you need it one day”. That is, with FavoRing you can clean up your home screens and that way improve the experience of using your phone or tablet dramatically.

Have a look at the screenshots to see what we mean, and by all means do try for yourself!


Frequently Asked Questions
1. FavoCorner covers a button I need to use, what do I do?
Just long-press on the FavoCorner and it will hide for 10 seconds, allowing you to proceed with your task!

2. How are the requested permissions used by the app?
First and foremost, you will see that FavoRing does not have any Internet access permissions, your data is safe therefore. All requested permissions are only used internally by the app to support your user experience:-
• Directly call phone numbers – will enable you to call your favorite contacts from FavoRing;
• Take pictures and videos – will give you quick access to launch camera app from FavoRing;
• Read your contacts, call log, and running apps – this is to help you build the list of favorite contacts and apps as part of the initial setup;
• Draw over other apps – this is to keep the FavoCorner button visible so that you always get instant access to FavoRing;
• Run at startup – this is to start the FavoCorner automatically when you reboot you device.