Lucy’s Chicken Tank Attack is classic style platform arcade game with seven levels. Lucy’s Chicken Tank Attack requires the player to learn and complete all levels in succession to get to the finish.

Can you complete all seven levels?
Characters by Lucy.
– 100% Free Range Play.
– No in-app purchases.
– Ideal coffee break game.
– Options page (toggle background music on/off).
– Instructions page: Try out he controls before you start play.
Lucy’s chickens Bluebell, Cloud and Henny are in need of rescuing and you are Commander Chicken Pokey who has volunteered to head the mission. Commander Pokey has commandeered a MkII Chicken Tank and is ready for action.

The mission is to collect Bluebell, Cloud and Henny and get to the chicken coup before time hits zero.
Avoid the electric whisks and various other items.
Your tank is loaded with 100 stale bread rolls at the start of each level, use your ammo to defend your tank from the bouncing electric whisks.
Destroy the electric whisks and collect the eggs for extra points. Be careful when firing your tanks gun, as stray ammo will destroy the eggs.