Dragon Ghost Saiyan is a mobile adventure is brand new story about Super Saiyan Ghost. After Super Saiyan die, they still have to do their mission to fight to the Ghost Power to save the world!


In this game we will give you a chance to TRANSFORM and control the Super Ghost Saiyan Warrior with the strongest power. You will have chance to use the cool skills effect like Blast, Kamehameha, Continuous Kamehameha and Spirit Bomb coming soon!


A very new skill what we are very excite to introduce to all of you is “Dragon Ghost Recall”. From Super Saiyan Ghost level 2, you can recall dragon ghost as a strongest weapon to fight.

The boss enemies in your adventure are Freezer Ghost, Picolo Ghost, Super Buu Ghost … and many more are waiting for you to finish your mission.



– Nice and Friendly User Interface
– Easy to Play and Share
– Interesting and Cool Effect (especially, the transform to super saiyan effect)
– Power & Life intelligent what let you control and fight in a good way to improve your skills

We love Saiyan Ghost and We love to hear from you to make the game better day by day!


– Unique Graphic Style and UI
– Cool Effect with super skills
– Support upgrade and transform to Super Ghost Saiyan
– 10 Super Ghost Saiyan level support
– Many challenges

Welcome any comment and feedback about the game. We are always listening to make the game become cool

LIP Studio

Homepage: http://cradiff.com/saiyan-ghost-warrior/