Escape Block1

If you enjoy challenging  puzzle games, then you are in for a treat with Escape block. The environments in Escape block look lush and detailed. All of the animations are nice and smooth with no lag. The colors are simple too and the level designs are flamboyant.

Escape Block2

Escape Block3

Escape block is one of those games that you will keep playing, because it gives you that “just one more level” mentality. The soundtrack in sync with the gameplay is a delight to the ears, and the retro sound effects are fun and charming to hear as you play. The controls in the game are super simple and are responsive.

The talk about gameplay Escape block has two modes of playing, the Classic and the Survival. In the Classic mode there are five seasons and each season has eighteen levels. The player needs to play each level to get stars and unlock the next level.

Escape Block4

Escape Block5

In the Survival mode the player will play all the levels from the Classic mode but the levels will be displayed randomly. The objective is to beat all the levels with just three lives. All you have to do is move the blue block to the portal to finish the level and progress to the next one.

Escape Block6

Escape Block7

I am having a hard time putting it down, to be honest. I highly recommend trying this game. No doubt you will be taken away.