How long can you keep going in this fun game of skill and luck. Can you beat gravity and stop your balls hitting the floor? All you need to do it give the juggling balls a tap when they are on the screen to send them shooting back to the sky, but remember – what goes up must always come down!


Are you a natural sideshow entertainer or just another kid with a juggling dream?

Juggle puts this timeless activity on your phone. You start with 3 balls which are launched into the air and you have to tap them as they fall before they drop off the screen. To make this more challenging, each tap applies a different amount of force to the balls so no two games are the same. As the balls are thrown higher they will disappear off the the screen, and just like real life the higher they go the faster they fall.


This really is a great test of reactions and dexterity especially for younger kids to help focus on their eye hand co-ordination.