Relive the original Farm Fables with new stages, modes and features.

Join Leia on a two year adventure as you harvest through the seasons and help her keep her farm in Farm Fables. Grow your plants, look after animals and use tools to develop your farm. Upgrade your farm to create ice-cream, milkshakes, cake and lots of other tasty treats. Keep your farm running through sun, rain and snow to make a new life!

Get up to 3 awards on Normal Mode. Get 3 more awards by playing Bonus Mode where you can use 35 Bonuses to complete a 15 minute stage in under a minute. Get help when you need it with integrated solutions for each stage on both modes. Compete with your friends on the same device to get the first place with integrated Ranking. Play the 18 new “Special” Stages. And when you think you are ready, try Pure Mode and see if you have what it takes!

– Enjoy beautiful HD graphics.
– Exciting strategic gameplay.
– 92 Challenging Stages with 18 new “Special” ones.
– 22 Different Tools to enhance your farm.
– Use 35 Bonuses to complete stages extremely fast.
– Use Strategy to get up to 6 awards on each stage.
– Integrated Solutions for every stage.
– Compete with friends with integrated Ranking.