To all the lovers of Shooting games out there, get ready for the challenge. Cubescud 3D an addictive 3D shooting puzzle game from the developers at SineXs games.

The game looks simple and easy in the beginning, but as we ascend the levels the thrill as well as the challenge escalates. It just teases your skills.

The graphics in Cubescud 3D are elegant and incredibly magnificent. The level designs are flamboyant.

The animation that occurs while destroying the cubes is smooth and magnificent. And the stars that appear during bursting look so fantastic. Also the background sound is soothing and pleasing to hear.


The game is so exilarating that you are never satisified playing, you always aim to beat your high score. The controls are also very simple and responsive. The 3D movements of the cubes look amazing.

I have been enjoying this game a lot and I recommend checking out Cubescud 3D by yourself.

Description :


Discover the pleasure of shooting cubes with missiles and trigger great chain reactions with a lot of fun.
This game is the combination of a challenging puzzles and 3D shooter with awesome graphic effects and beautiful sounds. It is very addictive easy to learn but hard to master.

Your per level mission is to destroy all the cubes with the missiles available in a specified time.
The cubes have 3 different state: cold blue, warm yellow and hot red. After a missile hit:
– Blue cubes change to yellow
– Yellow cubes change to red
– Red cubes will explode.

3 or more cubes of the same color touching each other will all be simultaneously affected with a single missile hit and in a chain reaction they will influence their direct neighbors of other colors.
You have to find out which combination of cubes to shoot so you can destroy them all. Remember you have limited number of missile and not too much time.
So are you ready for a real challenge? Let’s go…


– Free to play (Ads version).
– Easy to learn: first 6 levels are learning levels to show you how to play
– 144 Challenging levels (33 of them are 4-steps-levels)
– Real OpenGL 3D game
– Awesome Graphics
– Awesome sounds
– Leader board to compete with the bests
– 10 Achievements you can be proud to attain
– Also suitable for tablets
– If you don’t like ads you can upgrade to the ads free version through in app purchase.