Dice Mogul is yet another interesting, entertaining game from the developers at Over the Top Games.  Since my childhood I have loved playing board games. And I have played so many board games in my smartphone too and I enjoy spending my time playing these games. That is why when I heard of Dice Mogul , I couldn’t resist getting it from the app store.



In this game you play as a mogul that wants to establish a monopoly and get the city for himself.  All you have to do is roll the dice and get as many tiles as you can! i.e you buy properties. To increase the value of these properties you have to build houses, buildings and landmarks. But you have to spend carefully and intelligently beacause if you run out of money its game over.


The visuals in Dice Mogul are minimal and elegant something I always like to see in a board game. The game has simple controls, and it’s pretty challenging.  Unlike other board games , Dice Mogul has 5 to 10 minutes fast matches which makes the game more interesting.  There are many power ups in the game, using which one can gain advantage over the other moguls.


Though the game is simple, its entertaining. I highly recommend giving this game a try if you enjoy board games.