Hidden Scenes – World Wonders yet another puzzle game from the developers at Difference Games. I have played almost every game of Difference games and I am ever enthused in downloading their game. I think it’s because of the minimal and elegant graphics of the game and the lilting music in the background where the player would feel like a dancer enjoying every step.

Though the game may seem easy in the beginning, the gameplay is stimulating and intriguing. The traveler in a player would urge him on and on to explore the possibilities of seeing more wonderful destinations and having an exhilarating experience because of the innovative idea.

The design of this game is maginificent and the graphics are stunningly gorgeous. The controls are simple and responsive. The game is incredibly detailed.
The game Hidden Scenes – World Wonders is similar to jigsaw puzzle where you swap and flip the pieces to reveal the hidden scene. When all pieces are flipped / swapped into their correct location, you win!

HiddenScenesA HiddenScenesB HiddenScenesC

The game has 4 different modes of play

1. SWAP – In this mode the player has to swap the pieces into their correct spot and this mode is easy and relaxing.
2. FLIP – Here the player will swap and flip the pieces into their correct spot. This mode is little more challenging.
3. ROTATE – In Rotate mode the user has to swap and ROTATE the pieces into their correct spot. This mode can be very challenging!
4. RADIAL – The radial mode is very unique and here the player has to swap pieces of a circular puzzle.

Every mode has 4 difficulty level – small, Medium, Large and Insane. I really enjoy playing all series of Hidden scenes and I strongly recommend trying this game to all those who enjoy playing puzzle games.

Enjoy the free game : actuallyfreegames.com