Race City Traffic Racer Duty is free racing game to the racing – driving games category of 2015 year!
You are a true big recer, your real thief, the Auto, in the grand city. You race car driver, your duty to win the race on the racing sports cars,and prove that you top driver in the city . Wee threw a call to other racing drivers, motorcycle racer,in you city!
Race your car on the road filling traffic vehicles, racing drivers, policemen, firemen, taxi drivers, motorcyclists.
The city is very heavy traffic of cars, but you are an experienced driver who has to move between cars in traffic and did not to crash.
You have to go 30 challenging levels, it is your duty! Improve your ability to car drive. You will have amazing driving, race in the grand city for cars in traffic drivers.
You are waiting for a lot of real racing levels and addictive drive gameplay! Do not let the Auto to catch you and take away the car!

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