Just released one of the most addictive puzzle games. Great game play, it’s FREE, with unique ideas and features that many
game players will be suprised and many other games will follow!

The main game screen is a 7×7 grid of stone-cells. Your mission is to ‘mine’ words. Your enemy is time. When you find a word,
the letters forming the word disappear, allowing more letters to fall into the board from above.

Make quick and smart moves and your score will increase accordingly. Challenge other expert Word Miners by submitting your
score in the Online Leaderboards!

There are 2 Game Modes:

You have 4 minutes to form as many words as you can. Every word you form extends the time duration. Longer words and rare
words will give you a higher score. The game ends when you run out of time.

Your goal in each level is to collect all gold in the cart. You have 10 minutes to finish each level. As you evolve
through a series of varying difficulty levels, special cells will appear in the grid. Some cells will block your path
and some cells will clear it. The less time it takes you to finish a level, the higher the score you achieve. Try
to get all 3 coins in every level. The game ends when you run out of time or if you cannot place the gold into the cart.