UnipixelateUnpixelate is a unique, colorful, and brain twisting 3D puzzle game now available for the first time on iOS devices!
Easy to learn but tough to master with addictive gameplay, Unpixelate has all the hallmarks of a great puzzle game. Explore the dazzlingly colorful world, enjoy retro pixel artwork and music, and face the challenge of solving 100 distinct puzzles!

* NO In-App Purchases, you pay a low price upfront for the ability to play through all the levels!


– INTUITIVE AND ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY! – It’s easy learning how to navigate through the 3D world. Challenging levels that twist in around three-dimensional space will twist your brain in ways you never thought possible!

– COLORFUL RETRO WORLD! – Pixel explosions and retro soundtracks draw you further into the puzzle solving adventures.

– 100 LEVELS! – That’s 100 unique and challenging puzzles to solve, hours of game play for one low price.

– FUN AND CHALLENGING PUZZLES! – You will find blocks of ice and fire, teleporters, buttons, spikes and more; use them or avoid them but you must get to the goal.