The action takes place on the far planet full of huge bugs. The player has been crashed and left alone among hungry and nasty insects. The chances to survive are too low. But some time ago this planet was a human colony and there are some ruins and technical buildings left. From one base to another, from day to day the player has to shoot crowds of bugs, to go all the way from the crash point to the outpost and make a distress call for evacuation.

Hold the line and stay strong from the first level! On the left side you have your base and a turret, which have to shoot all the time because bugs are coming on your base constantly. Also there are 3 kinds of special weapons available: explosion grenades, freeze grenades, and toxic gas.
Diverse kinds of bugs run on you with formations, which make it hard to shoot them. From level to level more bugs are coming. And the only way to survive is to upgrade your weapons. There are a lot of options for the upgrades in this game.

At the end of each 10th level besides of crowds of bugs you are going to meet one of the bosses (there are several kinds of bosses in the game). And right here you will need all the special weapons you have! Drop bombs, freeze and poison boss with gas!
After each 20th level you go to the next location. In the beginning, you fought with bugs in the desert, and then action would take place in mountains, canyons and other exotic places of the planet!
In the middle of the path the amount of enemies becomes so huge and the weapons become so powerful that the whole battle field becomes green bloody mess, with screaming and exploding bugs.

-A lot of unique enemies
-Beautiful levels
-Strong and stupid bosses
-Upgrade tree
-Simple game-play
-Good graphics