Meet Weldon. Yes, that’s his picture on the icon. Weldon is a young mage from the town of Kentridge forced into studying wizardry, and he hates every moment of it. After agreeing to assist an investigation into a local food shortage, Weldon along with his long time friends Steven and Madeline set off on an adventure that will change the world forever…

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What this game contains:

* A single player RPG filled with adventure, magic, and mystery
* An engaging and “hilariously ridiculous” storyline
* Many recruitable characters, all with their own abilities and spells
* Realtime combat

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What this game does NOT contain:

* Micro transactions. Period.
* A silly artificial party size cap. All your party members are active all the time.
* The latest and greatest 3D graphics an animations.
* Multiplayer.

What are people saying?

“Mounting Force’s hilariously written dialogue and uncontrollable desire to collect new characters makes it an app to remember!”
– Danny Begnoche, Beta Tester

“With a large roster of supporting characters and witty writing Mounting Force is one of the most unique and entertaining RPGs I’ve ever played.”
– Philip Erbe, Beta Tester

“A masterpiece for the ages. This game is better than Dark Souls!”
– No one ever