Help Piggy to tap jump Billy away. While you are at it take a picture and see how it feels to be one of the piggies on a run while rancher chases you.

No seriously how cool would it be to have your face on your favorite game character? Or face of someone else (girlfriend, boyfriend, boss, teacher, police, hobbit, giraffe … whoever)? Does it have to be a face at all? Give it a try, so many like it, especially kids. Others who don’t just haven’t tried it yet.
I bet this game will amuse you and everyone around you. Surely it will fill a room with laughter. Perfect for a party games. You can also share photo during your fun run. LOL.

This original 2d platform game besides its funny feature has:

+ Simple controls for a fast start – just jump and don’t get caught
+ Many silly animals coming round the mountain … when they come
+ Obstacles with a mind of their own
+ Banjo sounds with some great country music
+ Challenge to be fastest and slickest piglet ever
+ Many explosions, booms and kabooms
+ Several ending shots with funny pics you will be happy to share

All in all it has everything to have a hilarious time with your kids, parents, friends and loved ones.