“Winter Games 2 The Snow Must Go On!” is a collection of 5 bite-size gameswith winter theme. One of the games is a puzzle other are action/arcade type of games.
WinterGames2 WinterGames3
You can collect sweets while dodging the icicles under your sweethearts window, or you can engage in a snow war in the park, build the tallest snowman in the world or make the ride of your life rolling down the hill through trees and rocks. And when you’ve had enough excitement, you can chill with our advent calendar.
These are casual games, children friendly and connected to game center, have a world wide top 10 for competitive users.
A short overview of all 5 games:
1 “The Rise Of The Snowman” – The player will build a snowman as tall as possible
2 “The Snowballs Attack” The user will engage in a snow fight with 3 other NPC’s.
3 “Icicle Dodge” The player will collect sweets while dodging the falling icicles and jumping over ice on the ground.
4 “Avalanche” Try to avoid all the obstacles on the snowball’s way down the mountain.
5 ” Advent Calendar” Classic puzzle game, uncover paired sweets to win the game.
To save the progress and to gain more points the player receives snowflakes to trade.
The player can get more snowflakes by completing challenges and claiming the prizes in snowflakes or by purchasing packages with snowflakes.