OPERATION ZOMBIE D UNLIMITEDAn undisclosed area where advanced research was sponsored came across a severe threat of an unknown viral infection. And, the unforeseen result was all the inhabitants of that area were turned into zombies. The situation worsened when they began to kill other healthy people of the near-by areas. To curb the hazard, a team of highly trained commandos with highly sophisticated weaponry has been developed to the location of threat on the operation zombie D (dark). No sooner a commando landed onto the place where he was killed and upon noticing that others are ready to get down. The zombies destroyed the chopper which accompanied them leaving all soldiers dead except one. The one, with highly advanced weapons with Unlimited ammo should destroy all of them and the count of zombies begins now…..

Operation Zombie D Unlimited is FREE on Android!


HOW TO PLAY : * Select your gun and start shooting the zombies.
* Tap the special button to discover advanced weapons and enjoy the thrill of shooting.
* Use special power weapons to ease the killing of stubborn zombies.* Use unlimited bullets and walk more distance.

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