Are you tired that your child, your most precious person is exposed to inappropriate ads when he is playing with your Smartphone or TABLET?

Use “Toddler Protector”.

• Protect your kid against ads clicking, by masking the ad with our protector cover.It will prevent opening ads and transfer to other Apps or charge money by mistake.

• Your kid is watching a cartoon movie and every time he touch the screen, the movie is stopped or transferred to other App? No More! Now you can lock your touch screen by pressing on lock screen button and you can rest.

• Your kid is playing a game and suddenly a popup ad is opened. Probably your kid will press on the screen and will be transferred to installation page/inappropriate content. By clicking on the lock button, “Toddler Protector” will always return to the game.

1. Floating protector cover that can be placed and locked anywhere on the screen on top of any App.
2. Select any size to the protector cover.
3. Select amazing protector cover colors and images backgrounds.
4. Watch clock gadget.
5. Battery percentage gadget.
6. Hide panel protector cover when not in use.
7. Running in system background.