Why should you use Remote PC Lock?
1. When you have again forgotten to log-off from your system while leaving your workstation.
2. When you think your kid is using Pc too much.
3. When you don’t want your better half to peek into your system.
4. When you are too keen to keep the data stored in your system private.
5. When logging –ff or shutting down your PC seems important but you are not around your computer to lock it, or log-off or shut it down.
What is Remote PC Lock?
Remote PC Lock is the simplest yet dynamic way to lock log-off, shutdown, and restart & set sleep mode to system with just your Android smartphone from anywhere you want, with no restrictions over distance range.
The features you must try:
 Lock, restart, log-off, shutdown, set sleep/hibernate mode and capture live screenshots of your system from any distance with no restriction of range.
 Lock more than one PC.
 Take screenshots of live screen with just Android your smartphone.
 Works finely with Windows 7, 8.1, XP and Vista.
 Receive notification when someone unlocks your PC behind your back.
 Woks both on desktop PC and laptop.
 Best to take control over your kid’s computer’s use.