Enjoy bursting alien like balloons

Advance to the next stage by Bursting All Alien in Specified time.
How to do it? It’s quite simple!
Just tap and burst aliens.

To generate Awesome combos try to pop 10 or more aliens with the same class.

* Enjoy dragging and popping amazing balloons!
* With more than 40+ challenging levels!
* Special Aliens that will help you on this adventure!
* More than 130+ stars to unlock!
* 3 Colorful stages
* All stages arranged from easiest to hardest
* Wonderful graphic and unique aliens
* There is no age limitation
It’s FREE!

-Think before TAP, to earn 3 STARS you have to do as few as possible taps.
-Collect enough stars to unlock the next Theme.



Download :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ShadowTechnologies.AlienBurst