Azmara is a ‘2.5D’ Action RPG that will be Free to Play on Android/IOS smartphones and tablets. Like many others, the games of our past have molded our future. They have inspired us to re-create, re-animate, and relive the wonderful experiences that everyone shares when playing. We are thrilled at the amount of progress we have made with our small team of three. Azmara is in a ‘prototype’ phase, being developed for Android and iOS. It would be amazing to see the game expand to other platforms (Windows users could use a good game!).


Being a close friend of Erik has been very advantageous. We see eye to eye when deciding on the framework for the game. Our top priority was to ensure the remaining mechanics would be easily implemented into the current systems.

CoronaLabs: Cross-Platform SDK
We have received a ton of community support from members using CoronaSDK. Everyone lends a helping hand and we can’t thank the Corona Community enough. We recommend any upcoming developers to check out CoronaLabs.


We have been working closely with a talented composer, Rianna Harbron. She is an upcoming musician who’s work has been featured in popular apps like Super Splatform by P1XL Games (A game where the fun never ends! Another great game created by indie developers). We are very excited to produce an amazing soundtrack that will bring out the story’s emotions.

The main task we face is completing the rest of our game assets; NPC sprites, Enemy sprites, Boss fights, and our ‘2.5D’ environment art all require multiple images. Constant reviewing of the artwork and confirming it works within the game is the most time-consuming task.
We are a small team of three who have just recently started or graduated university. Our passion for this game shows no bounds but we are limited by the amount of lunch money we have.

Paying for Game Assets – Designing and implementing the needed artwork for the game will take time. With the funds available for a second artist/designer, we will be able to reduce the amount of time it would normally take and get the game in your hands faster. I wish we could work on grilled cheese and pizza pockets alone but unfortunately this isn’t the case.

Improving and fixing – Bug Testing, Updates + Add-ons, and engaging the community in various contests and promotions is what will keep Azmara from being lost in the seas of unknown apps.

Operation costs – My passion for this game has already led me to establish Rollplay Games Ltd [pun intended? :)] as a mobile development company. All of the start up costs have been covered but a small portion of the funds will be needed for current operations.

A Game for Everyone

Kickstarter is an amazing site for small development teams like us. Without sites like these our games would never go farther than a like or share on our friends facebook page. Kickstarter allows us to reach out to individuals that share the same vision or simply reach out to those who love RPGs. The purpose of Kickstarter is to find as many dedicated gamers as possible who would like to see this game come to life.