Want to know at any time your bank accounts month end balance? EstiBudget is the application for you.

User friendly tool with easy entries of your banking transactions (past or to come)
Easily create recurring transactions with various periods (days, weeks, months, etc …), the amount can be adjusted at each occurrence.
You do not want to check all your transactions in detail? Simply create ‘Miscellaneous’ labelled recurring transactions containing your forecasts.

EstiBudget aims to estimate your account month end balance and that’s exactly what it does! Therefore, no need to enter details as the payment method, expense category, or any kind information that statistical tools usually ask for.
EstiBudget does not analyze your transactions to display fancy drawings, diagrams or superfluous statistics, as it would unnecessarily bring complexity to the app through more steps.

You want to enter a transaction at any time on your iPhone, and be able to check your transactions on your iPad? Any change made on one device will automatically sync on all devices you use.

The application is free and unlimited.
Advertisements may appear, you can permanently delete them using an integrated ad-block option.

Key features:
– Ability to manage multiple accounts
– Recurring transactions (days, weeks, months, etc …)
– Transaction checks
– Customizable views
– Sync on all your devices
– Search tool
– Automatic currency
– Passcode lock
Website: http://www.estibudget.com

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