Soccer Hero is not just a new mobile video game free to play, but a new proposal in the landscape of football video games: in addition to his sports career, in fact, player can manage their privacy by football stars. The subject of the game is not the team but rather a single player and his career that the user will grow from the pitch in the suburbs to the most important international competitions.

How? The game system plans to build the appearance and physical characteristics of the player: name, nationality, and other details.

The career of the young player will begin to play in a league in the suburbs and then overcome many difficulties and become the new top player to arrive at the most prestigious clubs: pharaonic salaries, worldwide sponsors, as well as being the absolute star of his own National team and try to win all the most important titles.

A top quality game for the gameplay, especially compared to the average level of football games currently available on the mobile store.

Soccer Hero is available for free for iOS and Android .