Wally the Crocodile lives in a crocodile sanctuary in Far North Queensland Australia. Wally yearns for all the food he sees the park guests eating in the nearby food court. There is a sign reading “DO NOT FEED THE CROCODILE”.

Wally is a smart croc, so one day he got up on his hind legs and scratched the ‘NOT’ off the sign making it read “DO FEED THE CROCODILE”.

Now everyone feeds Wally and he is one happy croc.

Help Wally catch hamburgers, pizza, cotton candy and more falling from the sky in all directions and angles.

Three ways to play! Croc Bytes with 3 lives. Death roll with 1 life, ala Flappy Bird. Feeding Frenzy, the ultimate, where Wally is bombarded with food and you have to try to keep up if you can.

Play Chomp! for fast action and addictive play. Appropriate for all ages.