Did you ever wonder what would be the mix between the Legend of Zelda, Pacman and Super Meat Boy? The answer is Peppy’s Adventure!
Welcome to the new challenging experience of action puzzle adventure games available for free on your mobile devices!
Peppy’s Adventure is a fun and addictive game that provides hours of entertainment!
– 90 unique levels
– 6 different worlds
– 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and German
– Innovative and ultra responsive double D-Pad controller (use both thumbs to optimize the gameplay)
– Huge replay value (I challenge you to finish all levels with 4 stars!)
– Enjoyable either by casual and hardcore gamers with two difficulty modes: easy and expert
– Auto save with anti corruption system
– 100% free
– 100% indie (just me actually)

Story: Peppy is a little rabbit who has a strong need for eating salads and waterlily flowers because every other food items have an influence on his behaviour (carrots makes him walk faster and mushrooms confuse him)

To finish a level you have to eat every salad and waterlily flowers. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard to find the way to do it, and most of the time there are foxes who will try to eat you. Fortunately, foxes in Peppy’s Adventure are stupid, they only want to go directly to Peppy’s location on the level and are unable to get around obstacles. Knowing this you can manipulate them to trigger switches or to find a way to trap and kill them.

Score is only about the time you spend to finish a level, you can obtain up to four stars rank in each level. You don’t need any stars to complete levels but with at least 3 stars on each 14 levels in one world you can unlock the 15th level which is designed for hardcore gamers.