Do you keep forgetting to add the # and @ tags while sharing information from a website or an app? Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was a tool that could automatically add these tags for you? Yes, here is an Android app named Hashtagmatic that helps in reducing your manual efforts of adding # and @ tags. Let’s have a look at what makes this app unique.

What’s the app about?
Tags (# and @) are mainly used in social media to make the search process easy, share content from the internet, etc. In such cases, Hashtagmatic can help you in sharing information to any application in a simple way, as it adds the relevant tags without any manual interference. This app also helps you to avoid errors that may arise while writing posts

How does the app work?
Hashtagmatic has 3 tabs namely HOME, HASHTAG and USER. In the Main tab you can write a post and you will also find options to include the # and @ tags. These options add the tags in the right places automatically. The HASHTAG and USER tabs display a list with the # and @ tags we have been using, having also the choice to delete those tags.

Special features of the app:
The most interesting feature of Hashtagmatic is that it allows you to share all types of posts through text, mail, social media and much more in a simple manner. As tags are added to the posts automatically, issues that may arise in the absence of such tags are avoided.
You can also share content with Hashtagmatic from websites or any app installed in your device (news readers, etc). Once the content is shared, Hashtagmatic will short the URL automatically, avoiding any manual intervention.
What makes Hashtagmatic a magical and a special app is the ability of including tags just by pressing a single button. As much we use the app, it will save all the tags in its dictionary, making Hashtagmatic clever and able to read the post and add tags to their corresponding words, making easier the process of publishing content.

Exclusive features for pro version:
Hashtagmatic Pro includes a new tab named POST, where you can store all those “save for later” posts added from the new button in the MAIN tab. Thanks to this new tab we can keep working with posts that we could not share before because of time, using the new edit, delete or publish now features.
Also, thanks to the pro version, we will be able to manage the tags dictionary by editing, deleting or creating new tags. The app also includes a built-in search system.
But that is not all, new and awesome features will be included in future versions of the application.

Here are the links to google play

Free version:…pps.hashtagged

Pro version:…

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