Wondering whether a company is going well or bad? If it is large or small? If it is profitable?
Thanks to S-peek you can do it… with your smartphone!

S-peek is the unique application that allows you to understand and assess the economic reliability of every business in Europe, accessing to rating, credit limit, financial information of over 20 million European companies and downloading detailed reports based on public data.

S-peek uses a proprietary algorithm to analyze and assign an evaluation of companies’ financial health, an accurate and fast way to discover the financial status, credit risk and rating of a potential business partner or to evaluate an investment. Read a review of FreeScore360 to learn more about this new process. The app includes social features as comments and opinions of verified users about companies’ liability and their past experiences and a sharing system to publish in the main social networks.

With S-peek you can:
– discover the credit rating and the credit limit;
– check the most important financials;
– Automatic check for updates on purchased reports (notice for new ratings);
– give your opinion on the companies according to your personal experience;
– read what the people think about the morality of each company;
– share your opinion through social networks.

More info at: http://www.s-peek.com
Apple store: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/id494255732?mt=8

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