Tick tock, Tick tock…Feel every second pounding to the million

Can you reach to the top of the ladder and become the virtual millionaire?

Feel every minute ticking to seconds, feel every heart beat pound so loud!
Either switch on your brain or call your friend who can help you!
Or maybe sometimes ‘feeling the croud roar the answer!’

So many questions but only one chance for each… Wait we added a 2 chances option where you can have another chance if you choose the wrong choice.
Also registration included to beat the highest score! (optional)
*In-App purchase
*Over 1,000 Questions
*Entertained music and sound effects
*High quality graphics
*Call a friend or a Expert
*Ask the crowd
*Random computer 50:50
*Registration to beat the highest scorer online!
*Live Ticker Feed – Read the live message sent from Wahid connected
*Languages: English, Chinese, Arabic

To become the number one player. Your score is totaled of every new game you play.