Happy Words gives you the upper hand when playing word games like Scrabble, Apalabrados and Angry Words, as it quickly finds the best words with the highest scores. This app will come up with every existing match.

Become a pro-scrabbler word-game addict. Download and start impressing your friends with new linguistic skills! Even better, discover words you never even knew existed!

Fill in your letters and Happy Words will instantly come up with the options in your language. After the introduction of each letter, the word list automatically updates. Words can be extended and open spaces between letters easily filled. Happy Words will only come up with authentic words as it uses official game dictionaries in the following languages: Brazilian, Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Sweedish.


  • Simple to use, one-touch interface
  •  No internet connection needed
  •  Instant word list, no waiting!
  • Joker support, empty words can be filled!
  •  Words arranged from the top score downwards
  •  Word filtering, sorting words by the number of letters
  •  9 dictionaries available!
  •  All combinations of letters possible, official game dictionaries used
  •  If you can´t find the word you´re looking for here, it doesn’t exist!
  •  Free for a limited period
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