Discover your friend’s password with a few steps! Very easy and effective!

Do you want to troll your friends? Are you interesting in discover your boy/girlfriend facebook password? With this app it will be very easy.

You can recive an email with the login data of your victim!

You just have to follow this steps:

1 – Download the application!
2 – Cheat your victim and make him login with this app, when he press login button , an “error login” will appear and his login data will be shown in “config” and a email will be sent if it is configured!
3 (optional) – Enter in “Config” and type your Gmail email (Where you will recibe the victim information)
4 – Use this information wisely!

In order to help you to make your victim type his password in Facebook Advance, you can tell him that it is a new great facebook app and he must try it!, or you can tell him that you are not able to login, ask him to check it with his account… there is lots of ways to cheat him!